Top 20 NuGet headless Packages

SlimerJS is similar to PhantomJs, except that it runs on top of Gecko, the browser engine of Mozilla Firefox (specifically, version 31), instead of Webkit
A pre-built Windows version of Zombie.js. This package adds a node_modules folder at the top-level of the solution containing the all of the modules required to run Zombie.js.
A web browser replacement for testing websites without the browser overhead.
A library that enables you to use Episerver as a headless API, without Find.
A headless Jasmine runner based on PhantomJS and therefore webkit. It does not open a browser window to run the tests, and is self contained, not depending on any other installation like Qt, WebKit or any other library. The only dependency is .NET 4.0.
AngleSharp is the ultimate angle brackets parser library. It parses HTML5, CSS3, and XML to construct a DOM based on the official W3C specification.
Generate pdf, image from html using chromium headless mode
SPA (single page application) package for Umbraco 8.