Top 20 NuGet grunt Packages

The JavaScript streaming build system for client-side code (HTML, LESS, SASS, JSX...). Gulp.js is a newer promising alternative to Grunt.js.
Run a multitude of node tools as a MSBuild task
Run a grunt task as a MSBuild task
Out-of-box support for Compass, Require.js, live reload, CDNs, minification, bundling and revisioning - everything tied together with Bower, fully configurable via Grunt scripts and integrated with MsBuild/MsDeploy.
This package provides PowerShell scripts to automatically compile, package, test and deploy your code based on a set of conventions. It is based on psake and consists of a set of psake tasks written in Powershell. There is a predefined psake properties block and a number of predefined tasks as well ...
A PowerShell task runner based on Invoke-Build. Invoke-Build is a build and test automation tool which invokes tasks defined in PowerShell scripts. It is similar to psake but arguably easier to use and more powerful. Removes the boilerplate code from your build scripts and supports a convention-base...
A system for bundling JavaScript and CSS when using Grunt/Gulp and Bower
Grunt binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Adds Karma and Grunt scripts to your project and runs the Javascript unit test as part of the build. One needs to add the test files inside TestScripts Folder. Add references to source js files in Karma.conf.js, eg: files: [ 'Scripts/angular.js', 'Scripts/angular-*.js', 'So...
Run a multitude of node tools as a MSBuild task
Task runner for .Net to automate repetitive development tasks. (basically a crude version of Grunt for .Net)
Run a grunt task as a MSBuild task
A complete frontend toolchain in a single Nuget package