Top 20 NuGet glr Packages

Redistributable runtime library for parsers generated with Hime (LR, RNGLR).
Development kit for the generation of LR and RNGLR parsers programmatically or in command line. Full API for the manipulation of context-free grammars.
FsYARD is a parsers generator for F#. It is based on RNGLR algorithm.
RNGLR parsers generator for F# based on YaccConstructor.
Facilities for the reading arguments passed on a command line.
Iron Text is a library for rapid creation of parsers and interpreters using c# without additional external tools. The distinguishing features of the project are that: - grammar and lexical rules are described entirely using .net type system with custom attributes - a...
FsYacc forntend and parsers generator for F# based on RNGLR algorithm.
VBF.Compilers.Parsers is a GLR parser generator library. Compose grammars using Linq clauses, parsers with automatic error recovery can then be generated at runtime. Any context free grammar is supported, grammars with ambiguities can still be used by providing resolution rules.
A .NET api wrapper for the Galaxy Life Reborn api.