Top 20 NuGet gdi Packages

Dapplo.Windows.Gdi32 bringt Gdi32 and GdiPlus functionality.
Interop Code for .NET : DXGI, WIC, DirectX 9 to 12, Direct2D, Direct Write, Direct Composition, Media Foundation, WASAPI, CodecAPI, GDI, Spatial Audio, DVD, Windows Media Player, UWP DXInterop, etc.
Super awesome Indiegame library.
Image API & processing for Azure Web Apps
Extensions for interoperability with System.Drawing.Bitmap.
A simple GDI renderer for the XGL.
High-performance GDI window application framework
A hardware accelerated Xna renderer for XGL.
Fast GDI painter for Windows Forms
An image processing wrapper around GDI+, allowing you to apply one or more filters against an image source.
User control that allow put on your Windows Form application a 'navigation tree' like Wordpress admin panel or bootstrap navigation menu
Fast GDI painter for Windows Forms
This is a fork with minor changes from the original FJCore library at That library seems to be stagnant.
A Custom-Drawn ConfirmationButton Control for Windows Forms applications. This project is Open Source, and contributions are encouraged, at:
A simple and free Separator Control for Windows Forms applications.
A simple, flat-themed [On/Off] Switch Control for Windows Forms applications.
Daze is a small library for creating 2D games without having to worry about drawing.
A simplistic and robust video game engine for .Net Windows Forms, based entirely on managed code and GDI+ graphics (authored in Visual Basic .Net).
A framework for creating structured editors.
WinForms controls and primitives to assist with painting a text editor using GDI or GDI+ on Windows.