Top 20 NuGet fun Packages

A library for drawing Steins;Gate-style Divergence Meters.
Invert or Flip your texts.
Engine for creating online multiplayer games fast! Using: SignalR for communication
Want to add some awesome to your site? Can't find the words? Now you can! $("#myDiv").awesome() will replace the text with an awesome word from the list. Want to add your own words? Go for it!
Engine for creating online multiplayer games! Using: SignalR for communication
JustForFun is only a dummy package to test publishing packages.
Just playing around...
Just playing around...
This C# port of mohan-cao's owoify-js is released under MIT license, which is also the same license of owoify-js. This simple library will turn any string into nonsensical babyspeak similar to what LeafySweet's infamous Chrome extension did.
Ascii displays any image in console, with full colors. Increase number of console columns for better resolution.