Top 20 NuGet fsi Packages

Hopac is a library for higher-Order, parallel, asynchronous and concurrent programming in F#. Inspired by languages like Concurrent ML and Cilk, Hopac is a library for F# with the aim of making it easier to write efficient parallel, asynchronous, concurrent and reactive programs. Hopac is licensed ...
FSharp.Compiler.Tools for F# 4.5 FSharp.Compiler.Tools built by F# Software Foundation This package includes the F# compiler (fsc.exe), F# Interactive (fsi.exe, fsiAnyCpu.exe) and the MSBuild component (FSharp.Build.dll). NOTE: the compiler executes with .NET Framework and/...
Shared components of the F# Interactive Service. This provides a lightweight wrapper over F# Compiler Service and exposes operations for getting auto-completion and other editor services in F# Interactive.
FsEye listens for additions and updates to variables within FSI sessions, allowing you to reflectively examine properties of captured values through a visual interface. It also allows you to programmatically add and update eye watches, effectively ending the era of printf REPL debugging.
F# interactive API exposed via a lightweight HTTP server. The project makes the service available as a stand-alone process that can be started and called via HTTP requests. It follows the same style as FsAutoComplete.
dotnet fsi global command for FSharp 4.1
Contains a modified F# interactive and compiler that allows for programmatic access rather than a stream based mechanism.