Top 20 NuGet frameworks Packages

.NET client for the VIES - European Commission - VAT validation service
BootFX is a battle-tested ORM for .NET.
Emberstack Frameworks - Core Library - Extensions and helper classes for .NET
EmberStack Frameworks - Client library for Fibaro Home Controller
Common framework for DAL and BIZ packages
SQL Server management classes and data adapter extensions.
Amazon Alexa Skills SDK for .NET
Key reasons for using the Rubik's Cube MVVM Toolkit in your applications: a. To get rid of the need to get/set Command properties in the view model. b. To simplify work with the configuration file. Common settings, such as Window State and Position of Window, are already implemented. c. To simplify ...
Customizable Razor templates for URF for .NET Core Web API controllers.
This module will override the search functionality and will make it case insensitive
Caelan framework for password hashing
Caelan Framework for class building