Top 20 NuGet fragment Packages

Conductor library binding to Xamarin Android
An image picker that extends BottomSheetDialogFragment. Camera and gallery all in one dialog. Single or Multi Selection.
A fully material-designed about fragment for Xamarin.Android application
A fluent tooltip for Android
Makes it easy to create a beautiful about screen for your app.
An Android's expandable Layout to save space and reduce jump between Activity and Fragment
Extensions for the .NET URI class. Get, set, drop, update URI parts, query items and path items. Fluent interface. No more worrying about part delimiters.
React Addons Create Fragment (react-addons-create-fragment) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Xamarin.Android library for Date and Time Picker in same dialog
Enables you to create scalable web application easily.
Implementation of worker fragment pattern.
Spoon creates and serves snapshots of your web application's dynamic content in keeping with Google's "escaped fragment" Ajax crawling specification. It is particularily well-adapted to single page web applications.
Spoon Standalone Connector streamlines the retrieval of page snapshots generated with Spoon Standalone.
Android library for managing individual fragment backstack.