Top 20 NuGet fluentassertions Packages

FluentAssertions extensions for WireMock.Net
Analyzers to help writing fluentassertions the right way.
eShopWorld common test stack
This is a FluentAssertions extension over the HttpResponseMessage object. It provides assertions specific to HTTP responses and outputs rich erros messages when the tests fail, so less time with debugging is spent.
FluentAssertions extensions for Facility unit tests.
FluentAssertions extensions for BDD-toolkit-dotnet
A set of assertions for FluentAssertions which provides strong-typed assertions for instances of Optional.
Equivalency based argument matcher for NSubstitute
Additonal FluentAssertions for multithreaded tests
Extensions for Fluent Assertions for testing Ninject bindings.
Glue to allow NSubstitute to use Fluent Assertions when verifying received calls.
Collection of test tools and libraries. Collection of test tools and references to other packages and libraries that I use for my test cases.
Breakdance is a testing framework for managing the dangerous dance of shipping public APIs. This package in particular helps generate API reports for OData APIs, and compare them against a prior unit test run. That way, if something in the API surface changed, the unit test will fail.
Fluent Assertions for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection service collection
Provides some FluentAssertions extensions
This provides an implementation of the FluentAssertions library for Script CS.
FluentAssertions extensions for ITLibrium.Bdd
Contains Moq argument matchers using FluentAssertions