Top 20 NuGet flag Packages

Package Description
Feature Toggling Library for .NET
Did you ever got frustrated about the limitations of Enums? Ever needed an Enum that supports Strings? Or your custom type? Did you ever wonder why you can't add any instance methods and properties to an Enum? Do you like to be able to enumerate over all members, ask their names, values and index...
Http handler and web.config configuration for Toggle.Net
Provides generic enum functions such as bitwise operations, fast HasFlag, and others.
WPF control for displaying the flag of any one of the 249 countries and territories assigned with an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code.
Seamlessly give birth to beautiful flag modules.
Sample SDK Feature Flag
A simple to use lib to parse a string to a enum value. Given a set of strings you can parse them to a flagable enum. Given a string that is different to the enum value you can parse it too by using an attribute.
FutureFlag.Forms: a feature flag library designed to target Xamarin.Forms
FutureFlag: a feature flag library designed to target any .net application supporting netstandard 2.0
Quick and easy implementation of Feature Toggles or Feature Flags in .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher, .Net Core 3.0, ASP.NET Core 3.0 or Azure projects
A simple ASP.NET Core service extension to roll out some features by limiting the availability by date. - Updated to .NET Core 3.1
Provides zero-cost arithmetic, bitwise, relational and conversion operations to generic type arguments constrained to System.Enum. Written in CIL in order to leverage functionality and optimizations that are otherwise unavailable in high-level languages.
Flag utility set. Used for simple and efficient flagging applications, featuring similar traits to Enum flagging. FlagUtil offers simple to use helper funtions and a object oriented approach to flagging.
.Net Pow! Flags country flag icons/images css library and css flag library generation project. Generate your own flag library based on your projects needs using Iso country codes, Iso language codes, country names with sizes to suite your needs. Includes our Material Design Icons c# library we use f...
Provide better management of feature flags