Top 20 NuGet firmata Packages

UWP class library that publishes nodes for interaction with Arduinos and connected modules via Firmata.
ScriptCs script pack for Arduino4Net
Client library built on .NET Framework 4.5 and providing an easy way to interact with Arduino boards. The library implements the serial ASCII, Firmata and I2C protocols, which can be used simultaneously.
Portable class library for interfacing hardware devices.
.Net 4.5 extensions for Lavspent.DaisyChain
Firmata extensions for Lavspent.DaisyChain.
Universal Windows Platform (UWP) extensions for Lavspent.DaisyChain
Arduino wrapper for .NET based on Firmata protocol. Also, this project has the concept of Components, for abstracting boring stuff from you! You can create a new Led instance and start strobing right away!