Top 20 NuGet finite Packages

.NET implementation of the finite state machine framework. Powerful and asynchronous framework to build and run finite state machines in .NET. Main features: 1. Declarative state machine building and running in asynchronous mode, with awaiting or without (non blocking the m...
Morfologik Finite State Automata Traversal. Morfologik is a project aiming at generating Polish morphosyntactic dictionaries (hence the name) used for part-of-speech tagging and part-of-speech synthesis.
LeadPipe.Net is a collection of useful types, patterns, and extensions. These include a guarding type, tracking observable collection, command mediator, poller, and finite state machine. LeadPipe.Net is an open source collection of useful tools for .NET development. Read more about the ...
A fully extensible state machine. Its implementation effectively allows the possibility of creating an infinite number of states and/or inputs. It was created to support the Manatee Json project.
Floomeen is a .NET Standard 2.0 Library for finite state machines development. Use a simple and powerful fluent Api for workflows declaration, custom adapters to allow machines communicate with external entities (e.g. email gateways), coordinators for master-slave machines collaboration.
Is Finite (is-finite) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
[DEPRECATED] This library is deprecated. Please use the normal StateMachine instead which is fully tested and being actively maintained. This project implements a Finite-State-Machine (FSM) designed to be used in games. Furthermore it implements eve...
A simple generic finite state machine.
Fluent Finite State Machine library for CLR
Tools for working with Wavelet-codes
Tools for working with Reed-Solomon's codes
This project implements a Finite-State-Machine (FSM) as a PCL (portable class library) designed to be used in games. Furthermore it implements even a Stack-Based-FSM (SBFSM). So you may tell it to 'continue with the last state before the active one'. You describe your FSM using a nice and well...
Initial prototype of a very simple finite state machine.
Tools for working with Golay codes
Implementation of finite fields and polynomials above them
Implementation of common algorithms above finite fields
Simple fluent state machine for strong restrictioned state transition of your Entities.
A simple Finite State Machine library.
Schifra is a very robust, highly optimized and extremely configurable Reed-Solomon error correcting code library for both software and IP core based applications with implementations in C++ and VHDL.
Unobtrusive Finite State Machine specifically designed for games. See project URL for instructions on use.