Top 20 NuGet filelog Packages

A serilog sink for rolling files based on size and time
Extensions for AspNetCore DateTimeExtensions EnumExtensions ExceptionExtensions HttpRequestExtensions JsonExtensions LinqExtensions ReflectExtensions ServiceExtensions StringExtensions Logger JsonFile reader core 3.1 use: services.AddFileLog(t => { t.LogDirectory = Configuration.GetSection("Log:LogDirectory").Value; t.SettingsPath = Configuration.GetSection("Log:SettingsPath").Value; t.LogRequestPath = Configuration.GetSection("L...
This is a the Serilog.Sinks.RollingFileAlternate sink, but with support for multiple platforms, including iOS and MonoDroid - it writes logs to files rolling on size.
Simple convenient methods to create and write info to Windows and file logs.
This is a simple txt logger based on Mirosoft.Extensions.Logging.
Plugin that write logs in txt file.
This is for logging in the log file with easy two line of code. it supports multiple data type to log without requiring any conversion.
C# Projelerinizde Log İhtiyacınızı karşılar.