Top 20 NuGet fileinfo Packages

Common Core Classes (Registry, Files, etc.
AlphaFS is a .NET library providing more complete Win32 file system functionality to the .NET platform than the standard System.IO classes. Features highlights: creating hardlinks, accessing hidden volumes, enumeration of volumes, transactional file operations and much more.
Provides additional input and output (I/O) types.
Additional file providers and support for working with physical files and directories.
System.IO.FileInfo Extensions
Abstrations for .NET Types to aid mocking etc.
Basics extensions for manipulating FileInfo, DirectoryInfo, String, Type, Random, TaskPool with limited size ...
Various extensions for FileInfo and DirectoryInfo that could make your life a little bit easier.
Bad Network Attached Storage an answer to unreliable Network file access.
A simple library to get an abstraction to FileInfo and DirectoryInfo. As an addition you had for each object a service which you can use for better coding and handle accessing to the IO in a better way.