Top 20 NuGet featureflag Packages

Feature Flags created by developers for developers with ❤️. ConfigCat lets you manage feature flags across frontend, backend, mobile, and desktop apps without (re)deploying code. % rollouts, user targeting, segmentation. Feature toggle SDKs for all main languages. Alternative to LaunchDarkly. Host...
Feature flag utilities for .NET - based on etsy and reddit feature flag implementations.
Yet another Feature Flag (or Feature Toggle or Feature Switch) for your code.
FutureFlag.Forms: a feature flag library designed to target Xamarin.Forms
FutureFlag: a feature flag library designed to target any .net application supporting netstandard 2.0
Floodgate is a feature management service which allows you to toggle features without needing to redeploy your code. Use Floodgate to decouple your software deployments from your feature releases leading to reduced rollout risk and happier customers.