Top 20 NuGet faceted Packages

Faceted indexing and search capabilities for the Lucene.Net full-text search engine library from The Apache Software Foundation.
BoboBrowse.Net is a faceted browse engine implemented on a top of Lucene.Net. Originally ported from wonderful Java library developed by John Wang ( While Lucene.Net is good with unstructured data, BoboBrowse.Net fills in the missing piece to handle semi-structured ...
Fully featured faceted search engine library for ASP.NET (free edition)
This is an add-on NuGet package for BoboBrowse.Net. It provides the ability to configure FacetHandlers using XML in each Lucene.Net index directory so the facet handlers don't need to be configured in code.
Isolate is a jQuery plugin that provides faceted isolation and filtering of lists with programmatic scaffolding support for Bootstrap 3, 4, or the Isolate grid.