Top 20 NuGet extentions Packages

A static library of helper functions, extentions, and classes. You are bound to find something useful. Built for .NET 5
Package Description
Package Description
Contains all the extentions and code that Cavin uses and maintains.
A set of extensions for entity framework classess providing useful functionality, such as update or delete methods for EF Queries, as well as some utility extensions.
lib extention EmailSender, extention express, Log, SHA, MD5, stringhelper ToAscii from unicode ...
Extension set for dapper simplifies query creation
The library of helper extensions useful in any project
Véritable couteau suisse du .net, rlcx Power tools contient une énorme quantité d'outils plus utiles les uns que les autres.
.Net Extentions
Effective extension methods for working with enums (auto-generated via t4 without loss of performance)
Open Source Useful Extentions
Helper Extensions
A package with standardized selenium functions like: clicking, filling input field, selecting values from dropdowns, etc.