Top 20 NuGet extension-methods Packages

Extension method for StringComparer that adds support for natural sorting (e.g. "abc1", "abc2", "abc10" instead of "abc1", "abc10", "abc2").
Collection extensions and custom collections for .NET.
Loyc.Collections is a library of sophisticated data structures that implement standard .NET collection interfaces. It includes ALists, VLists, hash tree types (Set<T>, MSet<T>, Map<K,V> and MMap<K,V>), and min/max heaps.
A library of interfaces, extension methods, and small bits of functionality that are useful in almost any software project, according to the theme "things that should be built into the .NET framework, but aren’t". At least half of Loyc.Essentials is devoted to collections: collection interf...
A set of useful libraries for many kinds of .NET developers, starting with Loyc.Essentials, a library that "fills in the gaps" in the core of the .NET Base Class Library. LoycCore is especially focused on collections: classes, interfaces, adapters, and extension methods. Plus, Loyc.Syntax.dll parses...
Extension Methods for Json. Extending the magnificent Newtonsoft.Json, with a few extension methods I always end up needing.
A.K.A. Productivity! A powerful library to program .Net solutions in most declarative way; containing, simplest to use yet powerful, set of extensions to increase dev productivity. It exposes APIs for streaming, concurrent data processing and more. See also
Base Class for the Selenium WebDriver to extend the Driver with: - FindElementFirstOrDefault() - ImagesEquals() - GetElementScreenshot() - NavigateToPath() - LocalStorage helpers - GetElementSafe() - and some other helpers
Set of utility extension methods for byte arrays. Includes general methods for equality checks, null/empty checks, etc. as well as methods to find and manipulate byte sequences. See the project site for documentation.
Collection of extension methods for usage in your projects that help deal with reflection, assertions and collections.
Library dedicated to those who write boilerplate code just o implement another pattern or practice.
Extension Methods and Helper classes. Extension methods for string, object etc. used in my other projects, this NuGet package do not refer other Packages or Libraries. This library includes code that I have developed, copied from the internet and copied from a few friends. The intention of the libra...
The library of various frequently needed functionality, at the heart of all Soul projects.
Useful IEnumerable extension methods.
Another Extension Methods package, but named after Babou and built in Fort Kickass from the tv show Archer.
Serialize and deserialize easly from XDocument, XmlDocument and CSV.
Extension methods for Logging, using the ILogger interface from Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. This is additional logging extensions used in my projects. It is a supplement to the extension methods already in Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions.
Not in active development. I do not own this project. This is just a git mirror of the SVN repo. Git mirror of SVN repo at Started from this Stackoverflow post:
The packages contains a library of extension methods which I have written over the years and used in various projects. Some of them are of great convenience and some are just for fun.
Lightweight extensions methods (and constants) for common programming tasks: Suffixes (AsMemory, AsTime), Interpolate, Partition, Shuffle (O(n)), Softmax, InnerProduct, IsPrime, ManhattanDistance, EuclideanDistance, InClosedRange, MeanSquaredError, EqualsWithTolerance, HsVtoArgb, Scale, Fit and man...