Top 20 NuGet extensible Packages

Extension methods to enhance the unit tests.
String format library with key-valued replacer.
A set of common Value Objects, with comparison and shallow copy operations, full tested and ready to use.
A set of extension methods for String, Collections, Guid and other types.
A set of building blocks and participants to implement Design Patterns of GoF and others.
A set of Guard Clauses to validate method arguments, in order to enforce defensive programming practice.
String format library with key-valued replacer.
A set of utility components for network operations.
A set of DataAnnotations attributes for validations.
Some common boilerplate classes used in EF Core projects like the IDesignTimeDbContextFactory implementation.
MonkeyTyper is an extensible application that was created for sending bulk emails. This is the core library for all MonkeyTyper projects.
A set of building blocks to implement RFCs (Request for Comments), like the RFC 7807 (Problem Details for HTTP APIs).
Plugin for MonkeyTyper that allows application to read data from DSV files (e.g., CSV, TSV, etc.)
The Krafted's core library, containing a set of classes for the most common uses, like Guard Clauses, DataAnnotations and Extension Methods.
The Krafted's common abstractions used between libraries.
A framework intended to assist in the development of .Net framework web application.
Library for defining validation rules, combine them to sets of rules and test objects against that rules.
ExtensibleServiceProcess.Arguments is the integration of Arguments.NET into ExtensibleServiceProcess.
Provides a dialog to show a ValidationSummary (Ifp.Validation package) in WPF.
A logging library for structured log events with fluent syntax.