Top 20 NuGet exporter Packages

HealthChecks.Publisher.Prometheus is a health check prometheus metrics exporter.
C# library for parsing and exporting tabular data in delimited format (e.g. CSV).
A library for parsing data from games built with the Unreal Engine such as .u, and .upk files.
Corsinvest for Proxmox VE Metrics Exporter Api
A netstandard library that contains a BenchmarkDotNet.Exporter.IExporter that will enable you to track and compare, past and present benchmark reports via a nice visual html report.
This library is a simple CSV file parser. It uses attributes on classes that define which of the properties are used as CSV file columns.
Exporter to interactive charts (uses Highcharts) for BenchmarkDotNet.
BenchmarkDotNet extension to export benchmark results as xlsx file.
A generic file exporter based in a list of items but not matter which type.
This app will export selected properties to the specified endpoint url, either as is or in a serialized string [key: value]