Top 20 NuGet exponential Packages

Stock Indicators for .NET. Send in historical price quotes and get back desired technical indicators such as Stochastic RSI, Average True Range, Parabolic SAR, etc. Nothing more.
Task scheduling for .NET
Fully managed library providing various random number generators and distributions. More precisely, this library offers 7 generators (ALF, MT19937, Standard, XorShift128, NR3, NR3Q1, NR3Q2), 6 discrete distributions (Bernoulli, Binomial, Categorical, DiscreteUniform, Geometric, Poisson) and 21 conti...
Generic, Configurable and Easy to Use Transient Error Handling API. Package contains template implementations of exponential and linear retry logic, block retry functionality and many options to configure retry mechanics.
.NET Standard 2.0. Implements synchronous exponential backoff and retry logic
Simple helper library to get exponential and normal distributed number(s) and shuffling of list
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