Top 20 NuGet expiration Packages

A service to create and validate simple tokens in C#. Example use case: A simple token can be used to confirm if a user owns an email address. You send a simple token to a users email address. If that user can present the same token back to you, then you know the user owns that email address.
Reads a Couchbase's bucket metadata and generates a report with statistics about stored items
A useful service class that provides functionality for generating and validating JWTs.
High performance Data Repository with Value retrieval embeded. a single key could be used to get up to 7 strong typed values. ExpirableRepositories provide a similar set of Dictionaries with Timestamp indicating expirations of the values.
A small library providing an easy way to cache objects with an expiration time.
Provides classes for deferred/lazy calculation of values.
An in-memory, thread-safe, self-expiring cache.