Top 20 NuGet event-driven Packages

The BullOak.Repositories implementation for EventStore
A base repostitory implementation to be used in message-drive, CQRS-based architectures
F# DSL and runtime for Apache Storm topologies
The reference port of x2 written in C# targeting universal .NET environments.
A set of classes and modules for .Net development including MetaPubSub - a Publish-Subscribe pattern implementation with an interprocess communication channel
DomainWorkflows event-driven abstractions
DomainWorkflows dynamic event-driven contracts genaration
Exploration kit for eventdriven services
The BullOak.Repositories implementation for NEventStore
$ dotnet new -i Paulovich.Manga $ dotnet new manga It creates a .NET Solution with a layered backend (Domain - Application - Infrastructure - WebApi) with the Clean Architecture Style.
A library for creating event-driven micro-services that centers around a micro-service processor that can handle commands, events and queries. Given its design, it also lends itself quite nicely to apply patterns such as CQRS and Domain-Driven Design.
Apache Storm components and topologies authoring with F#
The BullOak.Repositories implementation for EntityFramework
A library for creating Behavioral-Driven (Given-When-Then) tests for MicroServices built with the Kingo.MicroServices package.
Exploration kit for eventdriven services
x2clr is the reference port of x2 written in C# targeting CLR (Common Language Runtime) environments such as .NET or Mono.
Exploration kit for eventdriven services