Top 20 NuGet eth Packages

.Net and .Net Standart coin gecko async client for newest Min-API
Http Client for EthereumApiDotNetCore
Fairlay provides a simple and powerful API to check globally accessible market data via the Public API and work with your account data and integrate external providers easily via the Private API.
.Net and .Net Standart Crypto Compare async client for newest Min-API
A C# wrapper around the API.
bitFlyer API informal wrapper library
Http Client for EthereumApiDotNetCore
Binance Crypto Currency Client SDK
KuCoin Crypto Currency Client Sdk
Implementation of paybear in c#
The Stampery API allows you to prove the existence, integrity and ownership of all your data by anchoring (embedding) unique identifiers (hashes) of your files and datasets into the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.The timestamps and proofs generated by this API are independently verifiable at no co...
A cryptocurrency trading library with support for more than 100 bitcoin/altcoin exchanges. Uses original ccxt (python) code.
Cryptopia API