Top 20 NuGet etag Packages

Memcached storage for HTTP caching in CacheCow library [Version 1.2 of Memcached server]
Memcached persistence for server-side CacheCow [For version 1.2 of Memcached server]
Azure Caching integration library for CacheCow EntityTagStore
An async pattern for reading and setting ETag headers in ASP.NET Web API.
Azure Caching for CacheCow Client
Azure Caching for CacheCow
Server library for CacheCow
Simple method to both create ETags based on sha1 and base64, as well as add support for storing etags.
SQL Server storage for CacheCow.Server
Client/server cache solution for Microsoft WebAPI implementations.
Azure implementation of client/server synchrinized cache solution for Microsoft WebAPI implementations.
Supports - Etag validation - Client cache (max age) - Memorycache - Time consuming elements can be cached in memory on the server