Top 20 NuGet essential Packages

Asmak9.EssentialToolKit is a 30 days free trial library that provides UtilityKit, FileManagerKit and DateTimeFormats classes. 'UtilityKit' class contains many commonly utilize methods, 'FileManager' class contains many commonly utilize I/O operation methods and 'DateTimeFormats' class provides many ...
Contains all essential utils that should be build into .NET but somehow are not. This package was built from the source at
Lightweight source only package with TypeMeta class - set of utils that aids in reflection tasks. Consume via <PackageReference Include="Nemesis.Essentials.TypeMeta.Sources" Version="VERSION" PrivateAssets="All" /> This package was built from the source at
Template engine implementation based on RazorEngine.
Contains TraceSourceAttribute - a PostSharp-based aspect for simple but rich logging with .Net System.Diagnostics framework. It makes completely simple to use activity tracing and locial operations stacks. To use, just mark an class, property, method or entire assembly with [TraceSource] attribute a...
Common interfaces describing an abstract template engine.
Automatically creates tables and stored procedures for Essential Diagnostics ( using Entity Framework
Funciones para Xamarin Android
Simplified email templating with Razor. Renders both html and text view from one .cshtml or .vbhtml file.