Top 20 NuGet epoch Packages

Implements a simple set of helpers to handle EPOCH timestamps in .NET
This library provides a System.UnixTime as a new Type providing conversion between Unix Time and .NET DateTime.
Provides conversion of DateTime and DateTimeOffset into an epoch-relative number value (total seconds). See Unix Epoch in Wikipedia for more information on why this might be needed. Typical uses include using this simplified representation as an expiration time for a token, password or verifi...
Static classes for ASP.NET MVC to do some common operations. See the home please:
xUnit Tests for netfx-System.DateTimeEpochExtensions
A small package used to allow conversion of datetime to epoch time and epoch time to datetime. Is used by calling the class "Epoch" and then either of the static methods "FromUnixTime" and "ToUnixTime". Therefor there is no need to create an instance of this class in-order to use it. Epoch.FromUni...