Top 20 NuGet enums Packages

Enums.NET is a high-performance type-safe .NET enum utility library
A collection of helpers, like sharing enums with JavaScript and version query parameters, for ASP.NET MVC5.
Enums for StandardDot
Provides convenient utility methods for working with Enums and their user-friendly descriptions
.NET Library For BitField & Enum Extensions
Useful JSON converters and helpers for working with Enums
A service to replace IronRebuilderAtribute's attributes, see for more
Utilities and guidance to manage catalogue tables with Entity Framework Core based on C# enums
Did you ever got frustrated about the limitations of Enums? Ever needed an Enum that supports Strings? Or your custom type? Did you ever wonder why you can't add any instance methods and properties to an Enum? Do you like to be able to enumerate over all members, ask their names, values and index...
Library for work with intervals and helpers fo enums
The Swiss Army knife for .NET developers.
Attributes for AOP, when used with the IronRebuilder.MsBuild (or another rebuilder built with IronRebuilderServices, like IronRebuilder), see for more
An executable to replace IronRebuilderAtribute's attributes, see for more
Port of Java's EnumSet
Effective extension methods for working with enums (auto-generated via t4 without loss of performance)