Top 20 NuGet entry Packages

Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project to customize the Keyboard Return button. Ensure you call CustomEntryRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against Xamarin.Forms New In This Release:...
Enhanced entry for Xamarin.Forms projects that extends the current Xamarin.forms entry
Making App Development Easier with a component for showing a text entry field with a header for Xamarin.Forms projects.
Use images in your entrys
Xamarin.Forms plugin to make smart UIs with shapes such as circle, rounded rect, oval and so on. Support Android, iOS and UWP.
This library contains attribute which is used by NuGetUtils.Tool.Exec tool when it executes a method within a NuGet package. This attribute can be used to modify the behaviour of NuGetUtils.Tool.Exec and how it detects the method to be executed.
Use masks in your entrys
Provide single entry point that references all necessary REEF/WAKE/TANG projects.
Add an icon in Xamarin Forms Entry control.
Kforms is an easy to use developer library for creating complex mobile forms. It was built as a cross-platform solution for customizable data collection in software applications. Check out for more information. Most applications have a need for some amount of data collection. Kforms strea...
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project to validate entries. With this plugin you can validate an email entry, a entry with length, entry when is password, or compare two Entries. Available for Android, iOS and UWP Built against:
C# .NET bindings for the Amatino API: Double-entry accounting as a service
Doulex double entry account for enterprise framework
PLEASE USE ENHANCEDENTRY see at: Advanced entry for Xamarin.forms projects that extends the current Xamarin.forms entry
Add validation behavior to xamarin forms entry
wham EntryTree provides tree structure of entry/entrygroup choices in given entry. Helpful for immediate resolution which group was parent for some child selection.
This library adds some non-existent functionality to controls such as ListView, Entry, Picker, and Slider.
Xamarin controls extended to add more features and making it more usable. Entry, Label, etc. are part of the library. Label can have excluded areas defined to get a newspaper effect.