Top 20 NuGet encoder Packages

iced is a blazing fast and correct x86 (16/32/64-bit) instruction decoder, disassembler and assembler written in C#. - ๐Ÿ‘ Supports all Intel and AMD instructions - ๐Ÿ‘ Correct: All instructions are tested and iced has been tested against other disassemblers/assemblers (xed, gas, objdump, masm, dumpb...
This package is a pure portable C# implementation of the Opus audio compression codec (see for more details). This package contains the Opus encoder, decoder, multistream codecs, repacketizer, as well as a port of the libspeexdsp resampler. It does NOT contain code to parse ....
A .NET Ogg Vorbis audio encoding library written entirely in managed code.
A high performance .NET library for reading and creating (animated) GIFs
Cross-platform audio/video processing library based on FFmpeg native libraries. Supports audio/video frames extraction (fast access to any frame by timestamp), reading file metadata and encoding media files from bitmap images and audio data.
Base62 encoder and decoder for .NET for URL shortening and/or obfuscation.
JSON parser with binary support and validation capabilities, based on a popular, standard schema syntax (subset of ASN.1, used as JSON schema). Data serialization in JSON and DER formats. Run-time schema loading, schema evolution, dynamic bindings. Start with schema-less JSON and transition into sc...
Library of encoding/decoding related functionality for Hexadecimal, Base64 and Base32.
Video conversion using native MediaEncoder
CHIMP binary encoder/decoder
CHIMP binary encoder/decoder API
Base32 Encoder, Decoder and ValueType. Implementing multiple standards: - [default] Base32 according to RFC4648. - z-base-32 aka. ZBase32. - Crockford's Base32. - base32hex / Triacontakaidecimal according to RFC 2938.
A .NET library for reading and creating animated GIFs
QR Code Encoder & Decoder
A .Net library to handle X-Wing Alliance's SNM files.
Plugin to generate password hashes
.NET Standard library for handling base64 strings.
Provides efficient stream encoder/decoder functions.