Top 20 NuGet ekin Packages

.Net wrapper for the Clarizen API v2.0
Wires an API project with Owin Authentication to add /Token, /RefreshTokens, /Auth/Register and /Auth/PasswordReset endpoints
Super light-weight and simple logger for .Net projects, supporting JSON serialisation and file + EventLog saving
Library for sending emails via built in .Net SMTP options, Sendgrid, Elastic Email, etc.
.Net Core wrapper for Clarizen
Helper library for performing RESTful CRUD operations online
Contains the models for the Ekin.Auth Nuget package only
Contains the Plain Old Clr Objects for the Ekin.Clarizen library
Super light-weight and simple logger for .Net projects
.Net Core wrapper POCO's for Clarizen
Used for creating Kiosk applications using .Net
.net core String extensions for AES encryption/decryption