Top 20 NuGet edittext Packages

Class library for accelerating Xamarin.iOS development.
C# bindings for MaterialEditText library.
MultiFontView library can be used to select custom fonts for the view dynamically in your XML. The library loads the custom fonts using a font cache.
A new Material Design text field that comes in a box, based on Google Material Design guidelines.
Customized and RoundedEditText.
Class library for accelerating Xamarin.Android development. Note: If you encounter layout inflation exceptions (could be masked as NotFoundException, or some issue with text_color_secondary.xml etc), make sure you define colorControlNormal and use a style with that attribute defined.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Fatih Santalu's TextMatcher, a simple text watcher that matches specific targets like mention or hashtag in a string by defining rules
Xamarin.Android Binding for Qifan Yang's TypingIndicator, an Android library to show something like typing indicator
Xamarin.Android Binding for Natario1's Autocomplete, simple yet powerful autocomplete behavior for EditTexts, to avoid working with MultiAutoCompleteTextView APIs.
A Custom Android EditText implementation that allows formatting of currency-based numeric inputs.
A fluent tooltip for Android
EditText in Material Design
Xamarin.Android Bindings for CottaCush's CurrencyEditText. Android library to dynamically format your EditTexts to take currency inputs.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Anders Cheow's Validator, an Android tool to validate text inside TextInputLayout
Xamarin.Android Binding for anoop44's AwesomeTextInputLayout, an EditText decorator inspired by the EditText fields in Add New Contact screen of Google's Contact App
Xamarin.Android Binding for anoop44's AwesomeEditText, a no-boring EditText that have a nice zoom out animation while typing
Custom Text Editor like WhatsApp
๐ŸŽƒ Typewriter for Android
A clearable TextInputEditText view for Xamarin Android