Top 20 NuGet disk Packages

HealthChecks.System is the system health check package.
Export system metrics (CPU usage, disk usage, etc) to Prometheus from your .NET app.
This client library enables working with the Local FileSystem Blob service for storing binary/blob/object data. A very simple Wrapper for the Local FileSystem to handle directory instantiations. A library to abstract storing files to Local FileSystem. Wrapper library is just written for the...
A simple disk(file) caching provider.
.NET library wrapper of Yandex Desktop RestAPI. See
Library to read and write to raw disks in Windows
Simple client for use Yandex Disk in .NET
CAS - Content Addressable Storage (Local Disk Storage Repository).
A simple disk(file) caching provider.
A user mode file system for windows. This is a .NET wrapper over Dokan, and allows you to create your own file systems in Windows.
Collection of useful classes for your .NET application: Object Pool, Thread Pool, Queue Async Processor, BlockingQueue, DiskQueue, ThreadSetManager, Throttling, Semaphore, EntryCounteringEvent, Collections, ReadOnlyCollections, IoC, WeakEvent and other.
.NET CLI for Yandex Desktop.
Allows images to be resized by specifying a fake folder instead of using the querystring. For example, `image.jpg?maxwidth=100&maxheight=100` would become `/resize(100,100)/image.jpg`. Visit for details, documenation, and free support. E-mail if ...
A C# framework library for wrapping .NET cache access, including the MemoryCache, AppFabric Cache, Memcached and a disk cache. Use any cache provider in AOP-style, or as an ASP.NET output cache.
A sample disk provider for Dear Diary.
A logging library for structured log events with fluent syntax. Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
Lightweight library for caching data on disk instead of using memory. -Simple interface: Everything possible by calling getting or setting method. -Supports AES encryption for data saved on disk -No other dependencies -Support for .NET 3.5 and above -Auto-clearing of all files used for caching -M...
Web storage component local disk provider