Top 20 NuGet Packages

Simplifying Discord.Net hosting with .NET Generic Host (Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting)
Package Description
Provides TypeReaders for a number of .NET types and the types defined in Xssp.Identifiers for Discord.NET's command handlers.
VaraniumSharp.Discord is a VaraniumSharp add-on that wraps around Discord.Net for easy bot setup
Provides various utilities to simplify the use of the Discord.NET API.
An add-on for Discord.Net that provides classes to filter and collect messages.
An extension to Discord.Net. Used to speed up creation of my Discord bots, released to allow others to benefit. For example projects (HowTo) or to contribute head to
An unofficial wrapper/API for Discord written in C# for .Net platforms. Please use .Net 4.5 or higher.
This package provides the basic building blocks for creating a Discord Bot with Discord.Net. Get your bot online with less than 5 lines of code. All you need to worry about is building your commands!
A collection of useful Tools (Classes and Extension methods) for working with Discord.Net as Build-A-Bot-Workshop. Bundles attributes, preconditions, typereaders, a rate limit service and handy extension methods
Apprentice provides a basic service for generating help commands for your Discord bot. Includes a default help with a few optional styles.
Package Description
A lavalink wrapper for Discord.Net
A Lavalink wrapper for playing music using a discord bot. NOTE: This package only contains a wrapper for the System.Runtime.Caching.ObjectCache to enable request caching.
Get embeds faster, for Discrd.Net 1.0.0+rc wrapper.
Automatically delete command responses when the user's message is deleted.
BotBox is a wrapper that lets you create and add you commands to a discord bot using Discord.Net and DI
websocket-sharp-based provider for Discord.Net, allowing it to run under Mono.
A Discord.Net Addon that uses reactions to minimize and maximize message sent by bots, espically large messages. It allows any user to minimize or maximize a message, but only the original command caller can delete it. There is a 5 minute auto delete time with each mesage as well.