Top 20 NuGet director Packages

A C# wrapper for API providing cross-platform support for Xamarin, iOS, Android, and all flavors of .NET.
Testing tools and support library for building plugins for iRacing Replay Director application
A routing library that works in both the browser and node.js environments with as few differences as possible. Simplifies the development of Single Page Apps and Node.js applications. Dependency free (doesn't require jQuery or Express, etc).
A client library for the SlideShowPro Director photo publishing platform.
Bitpart Server is a Socket Server compatible with Shockwave Multiuser Server Protocol.
Lingo parser/serializer
GlobalLink Connect Cloud serves as a bridge between your back-end systems and's industry-leading translation services, allowing you to use the full functionality of your CMS, DMS, e-commerce, PIM, and database platforms to manage multilingual content.