Top 20 NuGet directive Packages

Get AngularJS directives and related assets to support your Breeze+Angular applications. Most prominent is the zValidate directive that exposes entity validation errors to the UI and displays a required indicator next to input controls bound to a property with a "required" validator.
TypeScript base classes for AngularJS web applications.
Angular Avatar is a simple and lightweight AngularJS directive that generates a letter's avatar like Microsoft or Google do in their web apps. First letter of each word in a string or a group of initials will be used to generate the avatar. The image of the avatar will be rendered in an html img tag...
AnimateCss [ngAnimate] is simple Angular Directive, which you can easily use AnimateCss in your Pages
ngBehavior set of AngularJs Directives, which includes items that are used for input validation. Examples in github:
Angular select option directive
Angular Bootstrap TimePicker directive