Top 20 NuGet diassoft Packages

Provides a Component to implement a SMTP Router. A SMTP Router is an object that will receive SMTP messages and forward it to another SMTP, based on certain routing rules.
A package containing .NET Framework specific components to use in conjunction with the SMTPRouter package. With this package you can use the App.Config file to configure your SMTP Router.
Provide Utilities Classes and Extension Methods.
Model-View-View-Model Design Pattern Objects implementation.
Provide a wrapper for the JDE Xml Interopt
Provide Classes for creating Translators. Used most commonly in EDI Translation Tools.
Provides a set of classes to provide database access without using ORM. Ideal for the scenarios where you do not have a way to relate the database tables to objects. Accepts Dialects to parse the sql statements accordingly to the database in use. Custom Dialects can be created.
Provides a way to implement commands by decorating methods with attributes. This component provides a Network Command Listener to intercept network commands from connections such as Telnet.