Top 20 NuGet detours Packages

A general non-destructive patch library for .NET and Mono modules
Auto-generate hook helper .dlls, hook arbitrary methods via events: On.Namespace.Type.Method += YourHandlerHere;
Flexible and easily extensible runtime detouring library. Wrap, replace and manipulate (Mono.Cecil) methods at runtime.
A library for patching, replacing and decorating .NET and Mono methods during runtime powered by MonoMod.
Minimal .NET Standard library used to redirect calls from one method to another.\n Ryder also exists as a single lightweight .cs file; please see the repository.
Detours is a software package for monitoring and instrumenting API calls on Windows. Detours has been used by many ISVs and is also used by product teams at Microsoft. Detours is now available under a standard open source license (MIT). This simplifies licensing for programmers using Detours and all...
A library to assist with detours using the .NET CLR in (un-)managed processes.
Microsoft Research Detours