Top 20 NuGet dependencies Packages

The third-party runtime assemblies for libraries and applications that use Kentico API.
Modules engine for DotLiquid, allows you to build your web pages out of modules with automatic dependency resolution. Makes it easier to build single-page webapps.
An alternative option to ILMerge, this small set of public domain source code is packaged for you to bootstrap an exe to load embedded LZMA compressed dlls dependencies(or even your original exe if you want to compress it too) to end up with a single smaller merged exe.
ScriptDependencyOrderer is a dependency-based IBundleOrderer for JavaScript and TypeScript bundles that looks at /// <reference /> tags.
MagicMoq is an extension to the Moq mocking framework – It is like an IoC container that injects mocked dependencies when resolving a type, making the job of creating testing subjects much easier (and nicer).
This package contains `PhantomJs` executable files. The `ForEvolve.Pdf` package is also required. See `ForEvolve.Pdf` for more information.
This package contains `PhantomJs` executable files. The `ForEvolve.Pdf` package is also required. See `ForEvolve.Pdf` for more information.
Provides the basis for implementing the Ambient Context pattern, as well as a Clock implementation based on it. The Ambient Context pattern is an Inversion of Control (IoC) pattern that provides static access to a dependency while controlling the dependency from the outside. The pattern optimizes a...
Create instances of classes for unit tests with dependencies automatically substituted.
Adds Dependency Collection/Provider, enabaling generic dependencies with lifetimes to be added. When a dependency is requested depending on its lifetime it will be instantiated and disposed of.
.NET Standard library for reading nuget nuspec manifest files.
This is the tool used to copy/compress assemblies using LZMA. This tool is to create the embedded resources that DiminishDependencies bootstrap source needs to dynamically decompress and load at runtime.
Library to create and parse semantic versions and semantic version ranges, to check if a version is part of a range, etc. Also supports NuGet style versions and ranges.
Provides a small msbuild task named "dependencies" that allows to download dependencies from a TeamCity server.
Creating a package with dependencies in other files
Sitecore config reader with support for specifying dependency on other config files. Requires Sitecore 8.1.160302 or higher.
An alias for Cake to help with displaying Task dependencies
Sample code for dividing a list of jobs into job groups based on dependency
A lightweight plugin / dependency system for javascript libraries.
Awesome auto-inyect dependencies by configurations