Top 20 NuGet dependencies Packages

A fluent API for .Net Standard that can enforce architectural rules in unit tests.
PostSharp.Patterns.Caching: support for Redis.
Evaluate Dependencies and DetectInstall elements defined in an Lenovo System Update Package xml.
This is a fork of Daniel Bradley's C# implementation of the Tarjan cycle detection algorithm. ( You can use this library to sort dependencies and even handle cyclic references. e.g. to compile stuff in the right order. I found it to be qu...
The Cuemon.Runtime.Caching namespace contains types related to interfaces for generic caching in applications while providing a concrete in-memory cache implementation named SlimMemoryCache. The namespace is an addition to the System.Runtime.Caching namespace.
Static code analysis tool for enforcing namespace-based type dependency rules in C# projects.
Signs unsigned assemblies at build-time. This is useful if your project requires signing and you use third-party unsigned libraries.
A nuget package containing SmartAssembly MSI installer for use in automated environments (such as Azure Pipelines)
Eunice improves cohesion and modularity in software through hierarchical structure and simplified unidirectional dependencies. Eunice analyses source code, infers its structure and shows if the dependencies match.
Basic dependency injection for Azure functions V2
A fluent API for .Net Standard that can enforce architectural rules in unit tests.
DepMan is a thread-safe dependency manager for cross-platform projects, like Xamarin, where some dependencies have to be injected. DepMan supports two patterns: the ImplementsAttribute->Init->Get pattern, and the Register->Get pattern.
Command line tool to check for outdated dependencies within your project.
The Command Management System supports the implementation of methods and classes as executable commands or actions. This is e.g. practical if you want to implement chat bots or react to actions by incoming packets within a server. Supported platforms: * .NET 4.5 * .NET 4.6 * .NET Standard 2.0
Third-party libraries and header files that are prerequisites for building the Aerospike C client. This package is only designed to help build the Aerospike C client library. Separate deployment packages (aerospike-client-c, aerospike-client-c-libuv and aerospike-client-c-libevent) are used to bui...
Various utilities and helpers spanning the range of collections, configuration, sql generation, extensions, reflection, and more.
Check for dependencies on CDS objects and Liquid objects within your Portal Configuration.