Top 20 NuGet decoding Packages

Headers, import libraries, and runtime dlls for FFmpeg, based on the official FFmpeg windows builds.
Common API surface for decoding and encoding data from/to stream or I/O pipe
Library that provides basic abstraction for Internet Content Type, and basic encodings and decodings. This includes handling and parsing of common data types, text, JSON, CSV, binary data and multi-part content, forms, etc. Encoding can be easily extended in external libraries.
The .NET runtime for Bebop, a schema-based binary serialization format.
FFME is an advanced WPF MediaElement alternative. While the standard MediaElement uses DirectX (DirectShow) for media playback, FFME uses FFmpeg to read and decode audio and video.
Helps with encoding and decoding of XML. It integrates with the architecture defined in Waher.Content.
A high performance .NET library for reading and creating (animated) GIFs
Cross-platform audio/video processing library based on FFmpeg native libraries. Supports audio/video frames extraction (fast access to any frame by timestamp), reading file metadata and encoding media files from bitmap images and audio data.
Adds instant ImageResizer support for .PSD source files, as if they were PNG or Jpeg files. No configuration required. Docs: Support: Requires license, see ## 30+ plugins available Sea...
DEPRECATED: use package without "-signed". Common wire format codecs DotNetty.
Decode byte array or stream containing chunk-transfer-encoded data, particularly useful for HTTP data.
Headers and static libraries for FFmpeg (LGPL build).
EmguFFmpeg with OpenCvSharp extension.
BCnEncoder.NET is a library for compressing rgba images to different block-compressed formats. Both ktx and dds output file-formats are supported. It has no native dependencies and is .NET Standard 2.1 compatible. Supported formats are: Raw unsigned byte R, RG, RGB and RGBA formats BC1 (S3T...
EmguFFmpeg with System.Drawing.Bitmap expansian (netstandard2.0) MediaFrame and Bitmap convert to each other
BCnEncoder.NET is a library for compressing rgba images to different block-compressed formats. Both ktx and dds output formats are supported. This version is a .NET Framework 4.5 compatible legacy version. If you're using .NET Core, please use the main package instead.
A FFmpeg.AutoGen Warpper Library. This is NOT a command-line warpper library. It's based on the ffmpeg function interface.
EmguFFmpeg with EmguCV extension.
A library that contains data encoding/decoding functionality that converts data types to a DNA sequence.
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