Top 20 NuGet datetimeoffset Packages

An injectable, mockable source of the current date and time.
A set of useful converters for JSON.NET.
Provides helpful Custom User Types, Composite User Types, Mapper Helpers and Linq Extensions for NHibernate. - NHibernate Composite User Type for the DateTimeOffset struct: Allows database such as SQLite that do not natively support the DateTimeOffset data type to store it in ...
The missing .NET date types; DatePeriod and DateSpan.
Provides conversion of DateTime and DateTimeOffset into an epoch-relative number value (total seconds). See Unix Epoch in Wikipedia for more information on why this might be needed. Typical uses include using this simplified representation as an expiration time for a token, password or verifi...
A simple utility class which enables mocking of DateTimeOffset
DateTimeAbstractions is an testable alternative to the static methods on DateTime and DateTimeOffset. Includes an analyzer/codefix finding usages of DateTime to replaces it with out testable alternative.
xUnit Tests for netfx-System.DateTimeEpochExtensions
The Shared.CheckInstance component contains UnixTime Extensions for conversion DateTimeOffset to UnixTime and back. Conversion implement UnixTime (seconds), as well as UnixTimeMilliseconds and UnixTimeTicks modes.
–°onvert Unixtime to DateTimeOffset and back.