Top 20 NuGet datareader Packages

Contracts and implementations for working with CSV data readers and writers.
Helpful ADO.NET IDataRecord decorators.
Read flat files using the ADO.NET IDataReader interface. This project has been retired and replaced with FlatFiles, which is easier to use, supports more file formats and is extremely fast!
Extention methods for IDbDataRecord
Use AutoMapper to Map an IDataReader to an object
Sql Data Helper Package
Adds AsDataReader() & AsDataReaderOfObjects() to IEnumerable<T>, enabling IEnumerable<T> to be accessed as an IDataReader. Useful for loading data from a List<T>, LINQ expression or CSV parser into a database using SqlBulkCopy.
Library for auto mapping datareader to class.
A convention object to object or DataReader to object mapper in .NET.
Contracts and implementations for working with data readers and collections as well as providing means of conversion between them.