Top 20 NuGet databases Packages

DB Compare compares two instances of a SQL Server database. This project has been on .Net Framework for about 10 or 12 years or more. Today I got motivated and converted it to .Net 5, and a bunch of other Nuget packages. I converted this project to a Nuget package, because I know expecting develope...
SQLHelper is a simple class to help with databases.
Data.Modeler helps to model database schemas using C#.
SQLParser is, as the name suggests, a parser/lexer for SQL.
An awesome ORM for querying and modifying databases.
Simple Lightweight Data Searching Library. SLiDS can be used for quick access to data. Data can be placed in an SQL database or memory (Runtime). It is also possible to cache data from an SQL database in memory.
Small (almost cross Database: SQL Server, MySql, Postgres and SqLite) tool for create/delete database, execute queries and retrieve data mainly designed to help to set up infrastructure for unit tests
Slazure is a ORM/ODM type data mapper for schema-free NoSQL databases. Slazure automatically maps data entities between your code and the database data model.
This allows you to: 1) Download and parse Whois records from bulk whois database dumps of IANA organizations (ARIN, AFRINIC, APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE ) and 2) Crawl and parse RWhois records from RFC 2167 ARIN Referral Whois Servers. It also provides utilities to increment IP addresses and to output Whois...
A package that helps developers to easily connect and perform CRUD operations on databases integrated into their C # applications.
Slazure is a dynamic and automatic Data Mapper that, unlike legacy ORMs and ODMs, eliminates the need for Data Access Classes, Domain Classes, and model templates.
A framework that tries to make database communication minimal effort by making it integral part of standard OOP development. Several databases are included like MongoDB, SQL, MySQL, as well as a unified framework which allows you to use these interchangably with minimal to no code changes.
Extension of LogicReinc.Data for MySQL Usage.
Extension of LogicReinc.Data for MSSQL Usage.
Extension of LogicReinc.Data for MongoDB usage.
Xamarin.Android Binding for p32929's EasiestSqlLibrary. The Easiest and Laziest approach to Android SQL Database
Framework for creating high-performance servers with domain object models.
Project written in C# to connect to generic database provider
Create Databases and Tables dynamically just by extending SQLiteModel class and applying proper Attributes. No query Generation Whatsoever. It uses MVC Architecture based Approach, And provides a effective way to create persistent Models.
Framework for creating high-performance servers with domain object models.