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Cake addin that extends Cake for creating and deploying SQL Server databases and DACPAC packages.
# How use ## Use .NetCore tool for publish .dacpac file ### What's .dacpac A data-tier application (DAC) is a logical database management entity that defines all SQL Server objects - such as tables, views, and instance objects - associated with a user's database. It is a self-contained unit of SQL...
The Microsoft SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (DacFx) is a component which provides application lifecycle services for database development and management for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Databases. DacFx supports various database deployment and management scenarios ...
This library includes a tool for helping to deploy single SQL Schemas to existing MS-SQL Databases. The standard dacpac deploy using SQL-Package and SQL Server Data Tools SSDT Toolkit only support deploying whole databases. In some enterprises multiple logical databases are created in the same MS-SQ...
Testing utilities: Resource finder, DB deployer, Asserts and more
A simple package includes sqlserver smo and dacpac service, to handle SqlInstance/LocalDB database creation/deletion/cleanup, and deployment with dacpac from a SSDT project, useful in deployment handling and unittests
Library for merging a Data-tier Application Package file (dacpac) with and existing database
Helper to deploy your SQL Server DataTools .dacpac files in code.
Unofficial package containing SqlPackage.exe command-line utility, from SQL Server 13.0
Deploy your database without data lose with dacpac. This package cannot be installed using Visual Studio. Review project website first.
Dac Package for Microsoft SQL Server 2014. This NuGet Package contains the following libraries: - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Contracts.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Sql.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Tasks.Sql.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.Utilities.Sql.dll - Microsoft.Data.Tools.Utilities.dl...
This namespace provides classes you can use in your code to perform operations on DACPAC and BACPAC packages. These packages can be extracted and exported from existing databases or used to deploy and import new databases. DAPCAC packages can also be used to upgrade an existing database.
Necessary libraries for custom DeploymentPlanModifier implementation.