Top 20 NuGet csgo Packages

.NET models for Steam API entities.
Library for parsing CS:GO demos and outputting game statistics as JSON.
.NET library that aims to interoperate with the Steam network.
A .NET Core implementation of the RCON spec.
A library for parsing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive demos.
Library to parse and write Valve KeyValue formats
A package to login into via a .net core wrapper.
A library build on top of SteamKit2 for communicating with the CSGO Game Coordinator
Shared dependencies for skadisteam
SteamGaugesApi is an API client for checking the status of Steam, Dota, CS:GO and Team Fortress. It will enable you to check the status of those platforms in a really easy way. Super helpful for writing bots or sites based around Steam's item system.
A .net core package for getting inventories by steam community.
This is a C#-Library that makes reading CS:GO-Demos and analyzing them easier.
Note: All credits go to - Only available until Rakijah provides a .Net Core version. A simple C# library to interface with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game State Integration.
Fully fledged library to work with Valve's Pak archives in .NET
CS:GO DemoInfo v1.3.0 for .Net Core