Top 20 NuGet cs Packages

TypeGen is a single-class-per-file C# to TypeScript generator
Convert VB.NET to/from C# * Accurate: Full project context (through Roslyn) is used to get the most accurate conversion. * Actively developed: User feedback helps us continuously strive for a more accurate conversion. * Completely free and open source This nuget package is us...
This is an easy implementation of a PID controller
This package is outdated. Please use the dotnet-typegen package instead.
Bitcoin full node as a C# library
A lightning fast Emoji library for .NET and TypeScript
Desharp - C#/VB .NET debuging utility to dump or log structured variables, exceptions, stack traces and much more into console, visual studio console, into html web response as floating window or into html/text log files on HDD. Download and install Visual Studio code snippets for Desharp: https://g...
TypeGen .NET Core CLI tool (TypeGen is a single-class-per-file C# to TypeScript generator)
Library with potentially useful utility functions.
A set of utilities and extensions for working with Tasks. Part of the "Open" set of libraries.
Package Description
Code Generation for Commerce Server 10.
CommerceServerContrib is a collection of libraries to use with Commerce Server 10 with Request Templates.
Generate c# classes from worksheet headers inside an excel workbook (.xls). Useful for data conversion projects.
MvcCore - C# MVC Extensible Framework based on MvcCore PHP library.
Complete, cross-platform, managed wrapper around the GLFW library for creating native windows with an OpenGL context.
CSFramework is a Propietary .NET library to create basic and advance ERP application
User-Friendly ElasticSearch c# client for Selecting and Aggregating data queries. It's still in early in development, so things like the name-spaces can still change.
Alibaba Cloud SDK for C#