Top 20 NuGet cropper Packages

High-Performance image processing pipeline for .NET. Implements best-of-breed algorithms, linear light processing, and sharpening for the best image resizing quality available. Speed, efficiency, and image quality are unmatched by anything else on the .NET platform.
Note: The ImageCropper is now included in the Windows Community Toolkit! The repo will no longer be maintained.
Image cropper. Xamarin.Forms - all platforms, transformations support, uses FFImageLoading library
An Android library that lets you implement image crop. ImageCropView crops image by moving image under fixed crop area like Instagram and iOS.
Android widget for cropping and rotating an image.
Configurable Custom Crop widget for Xamarin.Android
An image cropper for iOS like in the Contacts app with support for landscape orientation.
Cross platform library to rotate and crop picture taken from camera or gallery
A Xamarin binding of the Android Image Cropper library based on ArthurHub's work
CropUp allows images to be auto cropped for any size based on a gravity point so that the image's main motive stays visible even if its not in the center.
React Cropper (react-cropper) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Powerful (Zoom, Rotation, Multi-Source), customizable (Shape, Limits, Style), optimized (Async, Sampling, Matrix) and simple image cropping library for Xamarin.Android Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
Lightweight Image Cropper for Android which also supports no-crop feature