Top 20 NuGet crawler-lib Packages

Crawler-Lib NHunspell is a spell check, hyphenation, word stemming and thesaurus library based on the Open Office spell check library Hunspell. NHunspell can use the vast amount of OpenOffice dictionaries. It is an alternative to NetSpell, GNU Aspell, ISpell, PSpell and Enchant. It wraps the native ...
The Crawler-Lib Service Base is a foundation for the development of Windows Services, Cloud Services and Linux Daemons.
The Crawler-Lib Service Testing configures a testing environment for the development of Windows Services, Cloud Services and Linux Daemons.
Crawler-Lib Concurrency Testing allows to write unit tests with multiple threads to test the concurrency behavior of components. It has synchronization mechanisms to control the workflow of the threads and to record the execution steps. It is also possible to use it for client/server tests. ...
The Crawler-Lib Engine is a general purpose workflow enabled task processor. It has evolved from a web crawler over data mining and information retrieval. It is throughput optimized and can perform thousands of tasks per second on standard hardware. Due to its workflow capabilities it allows to stru...
The Crawler-Lib Engine Test Helper simplifies the test of tasks. It can be used to develop unit tests and integration tests for tasks.
The Crawler-Lib Service Console Host allows to run Windows Services and Linux Daemons as a console program.
The Crawler-Lib Testing Base for Service Hosts provides basic functionality for service hosts with testing capabilities.
The Crawler-Lib Service WinForms Testing Host allows to run Services with a WinForm testing GUI.
The Crawler-Lib Windows Service Host runs a Crawler-Lib Service as a Windows Service.