Top 20 NuGet cpu Packages

Export system metrics (CPU usage, disk usage, etc) to Prometheus from your .NET app.
ILGPU compiler and runtime library for convenient and high-performance GPU programming in .Net. Samples can be found in the GitHub repository:
Package Description
Some Dialogs for user assistance
A plug-in that counts the usage of .NET application resources, including: CPU usage, GC, thread status, support for obtaining status information through web requests (access paths and authentication can be customized), and data will be returned in JSON format.
iCPUID is a lightweight cross-platform implementation that allows us to obtain the CPUID information. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
Retrieves CPUs installed on the system and relatives bus, clocks, voltages and temperatures. For dotnet standard.
uScoober Driver Interface: Arduino Pin Compat
Shows certain information about CPU/GPU on a device.
Package Description
[4.0] - PerformanceCollector Extremely useful class giving ability to easily access performance counters regarding CPU, RAM and LAN usage in realtime with configuration, IDisposable and INotifyPropertyChanged support - HyperVisorPerformanceCollector Same features of PerformanceCollector class + sup...
A fast and clean supervised neural network in C++, capable of effectively using multiple cores
Get CPU and RAM usage, check process name and whether it's elevated etc.
Retrieves CPUs installed on the system and relatives bus, clocks, voltages and temperatures.
High Performance Generic Parallel Processor leveraging thread local storage to minimize concurrent operations throughout parallel execution. Implements throttler functionality to throttle CPU bound and I/O bound operations in corresponding ForEach/ForEachAsync methods.
Use 'VB Unmanaged Image Processing' for fast CPU Image Processing in .NET
This package contains all-in-one library to help track CPU / Memory (RAM) / Disk (Ready) usage / SQL and SQL Server Performance to monitor device and assembly performance better. Your all-in-one System Performance tracker. GitHub Open Source Poject: